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A ThemeForest Theme Case Study

A ThemeForest Theme Case Study

ThemeForest has a pretty bad rap in the WordPress world. It’s incredibly popular for anyone who doesn’t know anything about HTML & CSS because of the cheap prices and huge selection. There is of course a catch – the cheap prices reflect the quality of some of these themes. While the screenshots look nice the code infrastructure that you pay for is verypoorly built. If you have any aspirations to…

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Persistence is the Key for Large Goals

Persistence is the Key for Large Goals

One of the goals I had when I joined WooThemes nine months ago was to be in the top 10 contributors for WooCommerce. I love contributing to open source projects and I can’t think of anything better to work on than our companies flagship product and the most popular e-commerce solution. I’m happy to share that after 268 days I finally made it in the top 10!


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